Arizona gambling Bill keeps moving forward

State Senator Sonny Borrielli are the person behind the Senate Bill 1312 that would allow bars and clubs to have gambling. A typical thing seen in countries are Blackjack tables in clubs or typical gaming machines that has different games on them, this could soon be possible in Arizona. This means bars, clubs and gas stations could actually increase their profit. The Bill though has not had an easy way to the senate. The Indian tribes like expected opposed the Bill claiming that their gaming contracts would interfere with this new bill. Borrielli had to change the Bill so it would only include electronic keno games, he has had the support of the people and the American Legion. He stated that Keno was more of a lottery and therefore it would not interfere with the Tribal contracts.

Senator Borrelli stated that the state has the right to certain games like Keno and lottery and therefore it would not interfere with the contracts. He also moved on and made it clear that the revenues that would be created could fund many community programs such as full day kindergarten. The Bill has moved forward now and will be heard within the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The state signed a contract with the tribes statins that if the states allows non-tribal entities to offer casino style gaming then they are not bound to the old contracts and are not obliged to give the revenue profits they were previously paying to the state. This is known as the “Poison pill” and if the Bill 1312 passes the Tribes will trigger this contract something that could really hit back on the state of Arizona. Bielecki who is a representative of the Navajo Nations claimed that the Tribes feels that Keno falls into the category of gambling and that would trigger the Poison pill.

How things will go on now are still yet to be known. With full-day kindergarten and other activities that would be funded by the new bill will keep the people behind it. But if the Tribes manages to activate the Poison pill it could actually backlash on the state of Arizona. The question is will they take the risk or are they sure that the Tribes have no chance of activating the clause in the contract.



The contract between the state of Arizona and the American Indian tribes was signed in 2002.

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