Slot review: Crown of Egypt


IGT has launched a new mobile slot called the Crown of Egypt. It is a 5×4 reels which gives you 1024 multi-ways to win. It is a very good looking mobile slot with moving graphics at each spin and win. The background music seems to be something typical of old Egyptian music sounding like a flute.

Since it is a MultiWay slot it also means that all the winnings are not as big as you would hope for. With 1024 multi-ways you could cover the entire reels but the earnings like said before are not going to be what you really hoped for.

What is a Multiway?

A multiway reel means something very good for you. It means that the paylines are not like other slots only left or right, but even up and down in the reel columns. That means of course a bigger chance to win. Now you are wondering how do I win? The Jacks are for example worth 10x so let say you get one 1 Jack in column 1 and 2 in column 2, 3 Jacks in in column 2 jacks in column 4, you the multiply them à 1x2x3x2=12. 12×10=120 coins. But you don´t have to worry about that since the slot figure all of this out and pays out your winnings.

If you get two or more Bonus symbols, then you are really lucky. That means it is time for some free spins. 2 symbols give 10 spins, 3 will give 15 and 4 give 20 free spins.

With a 95,03% payout rate it is very exciting game and the graphics like stated before good and it gives you a real gaming pleasure. Know it is important to remember that you have to be in the slot for at least 200 spins to make a possible payout. Because of the small winnings also make sure you are watching your money so they don´t slip away to fast from you before realizing they are gone. This one is actually one of the better mobile slots that IGT has offered so far. The thing that are negative is that the bonuses could be somewhat larger and also more repeated. They are rarely seen more than 2 twice per game and that makes it pretty boring for a slot loving person like me.

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