Blackjack strategies

Now after writing the guide on how to play blackjack I thought it would also be great to explain the basics of how player should be thinking to minimize the houses edge. Like any game at the casinos the house has an edge, in blackjack it not that big, but since so many play this game it is very good business.

Now we should first start that a win doubles your money, a draw is a push means no loss but also no win. If the dealer gets a higher number or you go above 21 you will lose the hand. Now to the most important part of the game how to think depending on what you have and the dealer. The dealers have simple rules they must take cards up to 17. Whenever they reach 17 or any number above they must stay.

The worst possible scenario is the dealer having a blackjack, so if the first card is of a value of ten or an ace this is when you will have big problems. Remember there are usually six card decks in each game with an automatic shuffler so if you truly think you can beat the system then good luck. So what to do when a dealer gets a high card? Try to take cards up to 17, everything above 16 you should stay. This way you minimize the risk of losing and also if the dealer receives a low second card you should be safe.

Now the dream scenario are of course the dealer having five or six as the first card. Because this means automatically that they will probably need two more cards at least (if you are not unlucky and an ace comes up). So here you want to minimize the risk of losing your hand since the risk is higher for the dealer who needs at least two cards. Here you bet until you reach a number of something between 13 or 14. Do not bet above even if you are 100 percent the next card will be perfect for you. Because this is exactly how you will lose your money.

No if the dealer gets a low two or three it is almost impossible to say how to play there. I usually say try to feel the table if it is hot or not. With a number like two there are so many options and possibilities that it can´t be calculated on the spot.

So now when you visit the casino or play online next time try to stick to these simple rules. The most importing thins is patience in blackjack. You may not win in four hands and then all of a sudden you will get ten blackjacks in a row. It is game that payout if you are patient enough and stick to the ground strategy. And remember there is no such thing as “I knew it would be a queen” because this is impossible. Even if there are only low cards on the table the next may be just as low as the rest.

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