The Blackjack guide!

Playing cards with investment poker chips

Before entering a casino I always recommend my friends to read some about the different type of games available at the casino. Just to make sure that when you are there you understand somewhat what is going on. Because you will be playing with your own money and we are all there for the same reason, winning!

Blackjack is popular game at casino and online casino. It is a typical game seen on movies when Las Vegas are involved. It is a game that people like because they feel they have the power to change the odds themselves. The goal is reaching 21 or as close as possible to 21, if you go above then your hand is burned and you lose. A good thing to remember is that you are playing against the house and not the other players. Try therefore to have fun while playing.

The cards have different values, the numbers 2 to 10 have the same value. Jacks, queens and kings are worth ten meanwhile aces are either one or eleven depending on what your hand needs it to be. So let´s say you have two queens if you get an ace it will be 21, but if you have a queen and get an ace you have 21 which is also a blackjack.

The best hand to have is a blackjack and that can only be a 10, jack, queen or king together with an ace dealt directly by the dealer. This will automatically mean a win and the dealer will payout 2 to 1, but if the dealer somehow also gets a blackjack the it is a draw.

Now the round will start with you deciding the amount of the bet you would like to do. There are usually around eight hands on each table so the dealer starts with giving all of you one card and then gives themselves a card. You will then receive your second card but the dealer will not be given the second card. Instead the players will bet now and later the dealer draws more cards.

When you receive your cards you have four options. If you would like to stand, meaning you do not like to have one more card. Hit, meaning you take another card. The last two options are more complicated. If you receive anything between 8 and 11 you could choose to double your bet. That means you double the amount of money and you will only be dealt one card. So say you have 5 and 6 which is eleven, you choose to double and get a 10 that means you have now 21 with the double of the amount of bet. But it could also end pretty bad with an ace for example and you only have 12. The last option is split. This is only possible when you have two cards of the same value, so like two aces or one jack and one queen. When you split you will now have to hands to play on. You will be dealt card just like normal and you could split further if you would like to. But if you split aces you will only get one card, and the will always be of lower value, so not counted as blackjacks.


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