Casino resorts in Japan

When visiting Japan now there is always one thing missing. A true casino where you could get a good drink and enjoy time with your friends at the same time as you become richer. Casinos has become a big part of the holiday planning of many when going away with friends. A place where you could for a moment just enjoy the atmosphere and just lean back.

This has been, like mentioned before, missed in Japan but the government are now very close to legalizing gambling and therefore also the beautiful casino resorts may be a reality soon in Japan. In the beginning of this month the Japanese government took a huge step towards the legalization, construction, and operation of integrated casino resorts. As early as December the government passed the bill legalizing gambling and now the last piece of the legalization are in the making. The aim is to regulate the casinos and to make the gambling services more safe and responsible. In this new bill lawmakers, economist, analysist, and many experts are involved to make sure that everything will be safe. The bill will also announce the two locations that the resorts are allowed to be built upon and also who will be in charge of these operations.

Now there has been many rumors years ago about the Japanese government willingness of opening up the gambling market. This had of course led to many casino giants pushing and trying to make sure that the rumors become true.

When the resorts will be opening their doors have yet to be announced but speculations and rumors says that the building will not be ready for opening until early 2020. The hope is to get this bill passed this fall to make sure that during the next year construction can start. After hearing out what the Japanese government concerns all parts are trying to do their outmost to reach an agreement. The government demand a total control and responsible gambling before passing the bill and if it will not be player-safe environment then the bill will never pass.

The first analyzes has projected almost a market reaching up to 20 billion dollars locally. A number which of course would mean more jobs, opportunities and even more tourism for Japan. But do not forget that not far away from Japan is Macau. Also known as China´s own Las Vegas, an island that has built up it is own reputation and may seriously challenge Japan in this market. The most important step for the Japanese would be to make the casino money laundering free. A problem that Macau and other casinos in that area have problem with. If they manage to pass a bill that would benefit both government and investors and at the same time guarantee a safe gambling environment maybe they would become a real competitor for Macau.

Since both these resort will be newly built, I have to say I am truly looking forward to the architectural design. If it is something that Japan has taught us is they make everything look like it is ten year from now.

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