Win big with football accumulators

Many people around the world place accumulator bets on football and this is certainly the most popular way to bet on upcoming games. The basics of an accumulator bets are very simple, you need to choose multiple teams who you think are going to win, and they all need to win for you to get a return. Despite having multiple selections, this is one bet, so only costs you 1 x your staking unit. If one team lets you down, the whole bet is lost, and you will receive nothing back.

The big draw of accumulator bets is that you can win a huge amount of money from one small staking bet. If you put together a large number of teams then the returns on the bet will be huge, the more teams you pick the harder it is to land, but also the more money you will win from the bet. Finding a balance on an accumulator bet where you have a realistic chance of winning and the returns are good, is a key to being a successful accumulator punter.

The thing to avoid when you are placing an accumulator is picking too many selections. A lot of punters are guilty of this, and it is something you really need to stay away from. The big returns are a huge draw of course, but it is vital that you at least feel like you have a chance of winning on your bet and with 10+ teams, there is little realistic chance of the bet coming in.

When you are placing an accumulator, a good number of teams is between six and eight, depending on the odds and how many teams you think are going to win. However, you do not have to stick to these numbers. If you only fancy five teams on one particular week, then backing them for a lower return is much better than forcing yourself to find another selection just to make your bet up to six teams. With accumulator betting, having discipline is key and making sure you only bet on teams you think will win, and not betting more than eight teams are the two most important rules you should implement.

Many people will see an accumulator bet as a throwaway silly bet that has little chance of coming in. However, should you take your accumulators seriously, then it is viable to make good money from them. Backing six to eight teams should give you a return that is big enough so that only one win per season gives you a profit. This is the sort of area you should be aiming for and then if you have two winning accumulators you are looking at a serious profit over the course of the season.

Backing accumulators is all about thinking with a level head, not being too adventurous and sticking to the same plan for a full season. If you have a bet where you know just one win per season will give you a profit, then with the football knowledge you have, this will become a real possibility.

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