Slots Review: Game Of Thrones

Since our two first slots review were about TV shows, I thought maybe we should just continue in the same way and introduce another hit TV show that has become an online slot. It is known as the most expensive TV show in history. Game of thrones a fictional show based on the books written by George R. R. Martin. It has aired for six years now and the seventh season has its premiere now in July. It is a show known for its drastic changes of character. “As soon as you like him, he will get killed” is a common thing heard while watching the series. Since it has gained so much interest it was easy to develop a slot that would attract many players. This slot was created by Microgaming and is a videoslot.

It is a five reel slot with 15 paylines that can be played from 15 pence to 3 pounds. For all of the TV show lovers out there this game is divided into different houses. The once that are represented are Starks, Baratheon, Lannisters and Targaryen. These are the four great houses of Westeros, the world in which this series takes place. The intro is of course the most famous intro from the show where you travel around Westeros and hear the classic intro song. The main attraction of the slot is the freespin feature that you will be looking out for. Then you will be given the opportunity to serve one of the four previous mentioned houses. It is triggered when you get three Game of Throne logo scatter symbols. The different houses will offer different freespin and multipliers.

House Baratheon will get you eight freespin and a fixed number of multiplier 5x. There will also be 3 stack of House Baratheon Sigil symbols. The Lannsiter House gives you more freespins ten but the multiplier is somewhat lower, 4x. And there is one more Sigil symbol to help you out. The Starks will give you even more freespins, as much as 14 but just like previously the multiplier is lowered to 3x and you get one more Sigil symbol. Last come the Targaryen with as much as 18 freespins with a lower multiplier of 2x and one more Sigil symbol which means in total six. All of these features can be retriggered any time during your play. Now when it comes to payouts there are two different type of human beings. You either like the lower multiplier with more freespins or the higher multiplier with fewer freespins. I prefer the latter since the chance of getting something really large is small. Therefore a high multiplier always increases the winnings no matter how small they are.

To rate this game I am truly parted. My heart wants to give it a ten, because I am a huge fan of the series. But I do not find the online slot attracting to me, except for the intro of course that is actually my favorite part. But it is just a normal slot. I would be hoping for some more action from let´s say the dragons, but there are none of these things. It will get a seven out of ten, and the high number is based more on the TV show then the slot…



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