Casino traditions

For a great casino experience, many people automatically think of traditional gambling  destinations such as Las Vegas, or newer ones, such as Macau. But did you ever consider of Europe as a casino destination? If not, this article might give you some ideas and inspiration regarding the Old Continent, and will give you some reasons why Europe should be your next casino trip destination.

Long traditions

Casinos in Europe stem as far back as the 17th century. This gives the industry there a long history that no-one else can compete with. However, these places were much more simpler back then: it’s only from the 19th century onwards that they became more similar to the facilities people today relate to modern casinos.

Although a huge chunk of the gambling in Europe  today is carried out online, driven by strong computer literacy and Internet access, there are still some classical casinos worth paying a visit.

Italian design and Monegasque history

The first recommendation is Casino di Campione, by the Italian exclave on lake Lugano. With its 556 slot machines and table games covering 590,000 square feet, this is the biggest casino in Europe. The casino is strategically located on the border to Switzerland in what is a tax free zone. This gives a freer operating space. The casino’s roots go back to 1917, and was initially designed to attract diplomats and other high ranking profiles. Today’s premises are in a different location, and are designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta.

If you want something even more classic, a visit to Monaco and its Monte Carlo casino is inevitable. Made famous worldwide thanks to such movies as To Catch a Thief and the adventures of legendary agent 007, this is a must see among regular tourists and gambling junkies alike. The casino dates back to 1856, which makes it among the oldest establishments operating in Europe today.

casino di campione

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