How to play poker

Just like the last guide on playing blackjack, poker is a very popular game. But these two games are very different and you are not even betting against the house here. You may have seen the James Bond movie Casino Royale. Or maybe one of the television shows or even pokerstars tournaments. There are a lot of money involved in poker. Some of the superstar even make a living of Poker. But these players are of course professional and have many years of experience, so do not think you will be able to do that in just two months.

The casino will make a lot of money in poker without risking anything this is why they also have usually tournaments and many tables for poker. The principle is that the house takes a small percentage on each pot as a fee an therefore the fee could go up to 10.000 dollar without having to take a risk.

The dealer will first give out order about who is big bling and small blind. The idea is there is always someone gambling on each hand so that the game can always flow. Then the dealer will give all on the table two cards. Totally there will be seven cards, the two you have in your hand and the five in the pot. You can combine between all seven, all you need is the best five and this is how you win. After the dealer have given you the cards players have three choices, fold, call the blind or raise the blind. When the betting is finished, the dealer will burn the first card and introduce the flop. The flop consists of the three first cards. Usually players get an idea on how the game is going and what the strongest possible hand is here.

The dealer will ask you for the bet. Now you can either check meaning no bet and putting pressure on the player next to you. Or you choose to bet or fold. Now do never fold if you are the first one, rather check and if you are lucky enough they will all check and you may have a bigger chance. Now you can also raise if there has been a bet before you to scare of the competition. When the betting is done the dealer burns another card and introduces the turn. The turn consist of on card and is the fourth card in the middle.

Just like after the flop the dealer will ask players how to bet, check, fold or raise. When this is settled, the last card will come up. The river and it is also the final card. There will be another round where you can bet for the final time. Then it is time for showdown, where players show their cards and sees who win. If they both have the same cards it is possible there is a split pot. Meaning both players take home the same cards.

Now to understand how to play it you need to know the value of your hand. Therefore I will be attaching a picture of the different pokerhand rankings. The most important thing is to remember that you can bluff and other players can also bluff. So it is important to follow on each play and try to understand the players playing against you. Because they may have habits and this is when you will make fortune.

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