Slots Review: Reel Chaos

After just writing the first slot review about South Park, I realized that my second favorite slot is another South Park slot. Therefore, I thought why not follow up the first review with a series of South Park. Net Entertainment realized shortly after the release of the first edition and the attention it received they did bring up a sequel. Like in the first one it was based on things that happened in the series. To make it just like the first one somewhat more alive and eye catching for all of us who enjoy casinos. The slot is based on the Coon series which South Park realized after all the superhero theme movies. Here we are joined by more characters such as Butter who will be starring as “Professor Chaos”. In this slot Cartman is The Coon and he will be the one trying to save the world from Professor Chaos.

Just like the previous slot this one has five reels with three lines and a total of 20 paylines. If you are one of those who thought the first slot had many bonus games then you will be happy. Because the new one has even more bonus games and are packed with wild substitutions and more things. Cartman has his own mini-feature in this slot. Where he will be climbing a ladder dressed as the superhero The Coon and switching out everything with a wild symbol, lucky enough you will get the most of it which is three.

In this slot it is the superhero Mintberry Crunch that has the best bonus and the one you will looking out for. Just like The Coon, Mintberry Crunch fights to save the world. In this bonus feature he will be fighting the vigilantes that are Professor Chaos and three of his friends. The fight will be going on until Mintberry Crunch dies or he defeats the vigilantes. There will be a life bar beneath showing how much of their power is left just like the games on gaming consoles. The wheel will be spinning as long as the fight goes on. For each one of the enemies there is a multiplier, that means if he defeats all of them you will have a multiplier of 4x. The winnings are of course cash prizes and the winnings goes up to 260 times more than your start bet. Quite a payout.

Kenny will also have a part here, he will also be fighting Professor Chaos and give you multipliers. But overall the slot is very fun with many fun features. The graphics are the same as the series, but since it is only cartoon it is not that difficult to copy. If you liked the first one then you will definitely at least enjoy this one. If you get the Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus then you will surely try this game many times over and over again. Out of a 10 it will probably get an eight. To receive a nine or a ten it has to be something special, unfortunately this one is a sequel and it is never as good as the first one.

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