Slots Review: South Park

This is one of my most favourite part of the job. Playing slots for fun to find out just how good they are and what the odds are. Now that means I will have some I will prefer a little bit more than the others. And these will be the one I will share with you. The first one out is what is now called a classic. It is based on a TV show that have aired for 20 years and newly signed a contract for another two years. South Park is one of the most watched cartoon series out there but it is so controversial that many dislike its harsh humor. But Net Entertainment did see through that and created an awesome slot for us. When starting up the slot it will take you back to the start of the Indian casino episode where Kenny (one of the main characters) draws the arm of a slot machine. The machine then fall us on him and kills him, a classic joke for the fans of the series who will remember “Oh my god they killed Kenny, you ba****ds”.

It is a five reel slots with 25 different paylines with different bonus games, mini features and wild substitutions. The reels will show the main characters such as, Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle. To make the slot feel more alive the bonus games are based on stories that occurred in the series.

Stan´s bonus game is one of the funniest, it takes us back to the time he wanted to tell his crush Wendy he was in love with her. At that point he pukes in her face. The more times he pukes the more the bonus increases. The second one is with Kyle, it is a freespin bonus game that starts off with 10 freespins. You will have three different outcomes, winnings, multiplier or three more freespins. You will of course be hoping for the multipliers that are between 2x to 10x, this means every spin will be multiplied not so bad actually.

Cartman´s bonus is controversial like his character, it goes back to the hippie festival episode. Where Cartman promises the city he will chase away every hippie in town. Here you will be Cartman who is holding a fire distinguisher and chasing the hippies. The hippies will be hiding behind bushes. If you choose the right bush you win, and the winnings increase for each correct decision. But if you get the officer who is chasing you then you lose and start over. You will have two chances in this bonus.

Like I said before this is a slot especially designed for those who love the show. But even for others they will find this very enjoyable. Because this game is packed with mini-features and bonus games it will be fun playing. The payout is like all the other slots around 97-98 percent. The highest possible winning is 1,250,00 coins, and as you know the coins value depends on how much you want them to be. Play hard and the winnings will surely increase, but that means also the risks increase.

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