How to think poker

Poker is one of the most complicated games ever. Because you are not only playing cards, you are also playing mind games. You have maybe seen the games on television where there are millions in the pot and people trying to be as cool as possible. The beauty of this game is that the strategy behind every move you make is the key for you to win money. Now most of us are playing on amateur level and we thought of having a small guide of how to think and how to maybe play some of the hands. The important thing to remember that no poker game is like the other. Because you will be playing against different opponents each time and you have to feel them out to be able to know when to raise and when to let them think they are controlling the game.

I would like to start with trying to explain that the idea with poker is that you should feel you always have the control. And if you opponents would like to see the next card they have to work for it and not just increase their winning chances for free. The most common thing all new players tries out is the bluff, we all love it and nothing is more satisfying then when the opponents folds and you have a two-seven hand. But it is important to know how to play the bluff. You do not want to go hard from the beginning but more wait out the turn before making your move. When you raise from the start people usually folds and you win only the small pot. Try instead get as many as possible before scaring them. A good example if there are cards close to a straight, say the turn is four, nine, ten. You bet like usually and then the king turns up at the river. Now if you would have the straight you should raise. But if you feel there is a window for a bluff then go for it. The most important thing to remember is to lockout the possibility of a better hand. Because if there is a possible flush then you are not having the best hand. You want to bluff so that your opponent think you have the best possible.

The second important thing is if you have the best possible hand do not raise too much and definitely do not check if you are beginning when you are only two left. Because since this is amateur the odds of him checking to secure a win is big. Let him rather bet or even tease him to raise you. Because he will think you have nothing. The most important thing is that if you have the best possible hand do not let them take a card for free. But rather try to make them bet something every time, this is not charity but a competition. And the last thing, do not go to hard from the beginning. It is a rocky mistake when you have a flush and an ace in your hand after the turn and you go all in scaring everybody else and you win nothing but a small pot.

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