How to think roulette

After describing the game of roulette, we thought a good idea would be explaining how you should think while playing. Because it is a very simple game many players do not actually think before playing. So in this short article we will be describing the basic ideas one should have while playing!

The first stupid thing many players do is actually playing against themselves. When you do such a thing you decrease your earnings. Covering the losses should not be the idea of playing, but getting a higher payout should be the thought behind every move. For example, do not play on black numbers and then bet on red color that means you are not doing yourself any favor, because it is a lose-lose situation. The minimum bet on numbers is usually low around one euro. But the minimum on color is around five euros that means you will lose anyway. So therefore if you chose to play use only one color or choose numbers to play. And always remember do not play against yourself.

The second fault many do is using an old idea where you only play on color. So you start betting say 10 euros on black, if you lose you play 20 on black again that means if you win you will get 10 euros in winnings and you get back the 30 euros you had been betting. If you lose just continue playing on black with a double all the time, so 40 then 80 and so on. There are two problems with this. The first one is this is expensive and the returns are small, if you think about it the return is only 10 euros per possible round. The second thing is that casinos are always aware of these cheap tricks and therefore has a table limit. Now think if it is 100 euros and when you have lost 80 you will not get them back. So with this in mind please try to avoid this idea.

The other thing people usually mistake is the waiting for the double red rounds or double black rounds before playing on the other round on the other color. But what many forgets is that the odds are the same every time the ball starts spinning again. So, if you think just because the ball has been on red twice it will be black you are wrong. But logic, or if we could call it logic, tells us to play on the other color because that is what supposed to happen. There have been games where black has been ten times in a row.

Now the tips we could give you is try to concentrate on some numbers. For example, playing one to six. This means you will not lose in the numbers within between and therefore increases the odds. The most important thing to remember this is just luck and people usually try to follow their guts when it comes to guessing the new number each time. But for now just keep the tips we gave you and you will increase the chances of winning than losing.

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