When online casino started out in the beginning many were negative against it. Even more thought it would be a trend then disappear. The problem was that the internet was then not accepted in the way it is today. People were scared of shopping online, using their credit cards, giving away information and so on. But with time the internet has taken a bigger space in our life´s and without it now many of us would not be able to work, shop or even check their savings and bank accounts. And when the security increases and the customer feels safe then they can play online. That is when the market really took start and since then it has just been going forwards.

To run an online casino, you need to be more attractive and have a solid brand name for people to deposit money. One of the biggest problem was that the blackjack, roulette, and other games were only found in programs. You would be sitting alone no one to speak with only you playing, it was pretty dull. Therefore, many chose not to play their favorite games, but it did not pass by unnoticed for the casino managers. They developed what we now call livecasino. The idea behind is simple and brilliant, you want to live with in a casino atmosphere while you are at home. That means whenever you like just to take out your phone and live within a casino.

The online games you can find now are blackjack, roulette, and poker. That is of course, wonderful because now you can actually talk to the other players and the dealer using the chat log available at the livecasino. You do not have to play by yourself and you can see the cards shuffled if you feel cheated while playing against a program. Just like in normal casino you can make all the choices here by a simple click on the mouse or a touch on the phone.

Since livecasino has been introduced the interest has increased very much. Many are big admires to that and it is so popular that you barely are able to get a seat at low wager tables. Even though there are not so many of them.

This feature usually shows you the dealer and a table with his card deck. There is different type of games like always when it comes to the casinos. You can play for example, blackjack where you are the only one deciding what to do with your hand. But there other features like you are many on one hand, each one with their own bet. You will be dealt the same cards but you can maybe chose to stop and someone would like to hit (get one more card). Your game will be stopped but the other player playing on the same hand will get another one. Now this is of course fun because when you were right you get the satisfaction that you knew what was coming. But it is terrible when you are on the wrong side with thirteen but there is 21 on the table but you could not gamble.

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